413 Tatuering

Do you want a new tattoo?

413 Elektrisk Tatuering shares premises with Barbarella Piercingstudio on Tredje Långgatan 31 in Gothenburg, where you have access to: Tattoo, Cosmetic Tattoo, Waxing & Massage at Per, Diana, and Damir!

For consultation and appointment booking contact: 031-14 70 61 or email: tattoodiana@hotmail.com




413 Elektrisk tatuering opened in the winter of 2007 by Diana Lindh and Per Soovik. Per started tattooing in 1993 and over the years has worked in various studios in Gothenburg. Diana started in 2000 and also does semi-permanent make up tattooing. Together with Damir, they can fix nice tattoos for everyone who is hup for it.

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