Titan Basicline® Dreamcatcher Bananabell
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Titan Basicline® Dreamcatcher Bananabell

Titan Basicline® Dreamcatcher Bananabell

You love everything that is sparkly and shiny? Then this belly button piercing is made for you.
The bananabell is decorated with a cute dreamcatcher that carries a heart in the center and is adorned with two fine feathers.
The upper part consists of a curved bar with a 5.0 mm unscrewed ball. The size of the crystal is 6.0 mm. These three parts are made of high quality titanium. The entire dreamcatcher is made of 925 sterling silver. Dreamcatcher size: 16.0 x 45.0 mm
Dream catchers should keep you away from evil spirits in your sleep, protect you and let you sleep in peace. The bad dreams should be caught in the net and the good dreams slide down on the attached feathers to you. Get a piece of Bohemian lifestyle with this great navel piercing.
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