ProntoLind® Spray For Piercing After Care
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ProntoLind® Spray For Piercing After CareProntoLind® Spray For Piercing After Care

ProntoLind® Spray For Piercing After Care

Prontolind Spray is a ready-to-use, aqueous solution for antiseptic cleansing and moistening of fresh and problem piercings. Areas of the skin, mucous membranes and jewellery that are hard to reach can be cleaned painlessly thanks to the spray application.
The ingredients have been used successfully in clinical practice millions of times over, are safe for dermatological use and are considered the means of first choice in treatment of wounds*. They do not inhibit granulation and epithelialisation, do not demonstrate any cytotoxic, inflammatory, irritating or sensitising properties and can be used safely over long periods of time.
In addition Prontolind Spray provides protection from multiresistant (MRSA) and mycotic pathogens and is tolerated well by diabetics and those suffering from allergies. The polyhexanide betaine complex contained in the ingredients decontaminates even areas that are hard to reach, creates an almost sterile wound environment and eliminates unpleasant odours. Dispersion of pathogenic, transient and resident bacteria in the piercing hole and around the jewellery is thus prevented. This helps and accelerates the natural healing process in the wound. Prontolind Spray is compatible with all modern wound dressings and jewellery material.

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