Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD - 177 ml
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Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD - 177 mlRecovery Tattoo Glide + CBD - 177 ml

Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD - 177 ml

One 177 ml (6 oz) Jar of Tattoo Lubricant and Skin Protectant Enriched with CBD Oil by Recovery

Protect and nourish the skin before and during tattoo procedures with Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD Oil. This vegan-friendly patented formula is designed to keep the skin safe, moisturized, and lubricated for healthy tattooing. It is carefully formulated with natural emollients like shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and more. It also contains vitamin E.

This special formula is also enriched with CBD oil for soothing and assuaging benefits that help to prevent irritation and keep the skin lubricated. Additionally, the Recovery Tattoo Glide + CBD Oil can be used on healed tattoos to preserve vibrancy and longevity.

Can be used the same way as vaseline.

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