Cheyenne® Hawk Needle Craft Cartridge - Magnum Needle
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Cheyenne® Hawk Needle Craft Cartridge - Magnum Needle

Craft cartridges feature the highest needle quality and Cheyenne's patented protective membrane. We guarantee 100% control by experienced experts for best quality. Craft cartridges are available in 19 needle configurations for most tattoo techniques. That’s what the affordable Craft Cartridges from Cheyenne are!

The Cheyenne Hawk Craft Cartridges are the new affordable option with the same high-end-quality in a different cartridge module housing. The internal membrane will protect your machine and client by stopping any fluids moving up and down the tip. What sets the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges apart is the simplified design: The plastic tips are made from a single mould of medical grade plastic. They are designed to withstand the continuous movement of the needles, so they will not break up and release small bits of plastic into your client’s skin.
The Craft Cartridges have no removable tip like the Saftety Cartridges.

Box of 10 pc.
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