Cheyenne® Sol Terra - Black
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Cheyenne® Sol Terra - BlackCheyenne® Sol Terra - BlackCheyenne® Sol Terra - Black

Cheyenne® Sol Terra - Black

The SOL Terra is a durable and reliable tattoo machine that works quietly and with little vibration. The innovative technology allows switching between two operating modes. The 4 mm stroke of the SOL Terra makes it the perfect tattoo machine for lining and color packing.

Like all tattoo machines in the SOL family, the SOL Terra is equipped with a high-quality BLDC motor and an optimally balanced drive mechanism. The results are more durable and reliable machines that operate with less vibration with the same hit.

The innovative motor concept has been enhanced by a revolutionary feature: a mode switch. By turning this mode switch on the drive's jack cage, you can switch between two operating modes: the new steady mode, which guarantees a constant hit and stitch frequency in all situations, and the responsive mode, in which the frequency and hit of the tattoo machine react to the surface tension of the skin.

The SOL Terra allows an operating frequency down to 25 Hz, which is ideal for dot work and pepper shading techniques
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