Healing times for different piercings

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These healing times are approximate. Keep in mind that your piercing can heal faster or take even longer. Since most piercings can have periods where they look good and periods where they feel worse, so the lack of secretion does not have to mean that your piercing is fully healed. Continue with the suggested aftercare throughout the suggested time for your piercing. If after this time your piercing no longer secretes any liquid or has any "bad days" and has not had it for at least a month, your piercing may have healed. If you listen to your body and pay attention to what it does in the meantime, you will know when your piercing is healed.
At the end of the healing, you no longer need to wash your piercing morning and evening, but cleaning once a day is recommended, e.g. when washing the rest of the body in the shower. After this time, you can certainly change jewelry, but you should not go without jewelry in your piercing. Even when the hole has become "permanent", it can contract and make the insertion of a piece of jewelry more difficult or impossible. If you need to hide your piercing or need a non-metallic piece of jewelry, contact us. The guiding principle is that if you like your piercing, have a piece of jewelry in it.

Facial piercings
Earlobes: 8-10 weeks
Cartilage in the ear: 3-12 months
Nasal wing: 3-6 months
Septum: 6-8 weeks
Eyebrows: 8-10 weeks
Earl / Bridge: 3-12 months
Tongue: 6-8 weeks
Lip / Labret: 8-10 weeks
Mouche: 8-10 weeks
Medusa: 8-10 weeks
Cheeks: 3-12 months
Smiley: 3-5 weeks
Toungeweb: 3-5 weeks

Nipples & Navel
Nipple: 3-12 months
Navel: 4-12 months

Female genital piercings
Inner labia: 4-8 weeks
Outer labia: 3-4 months
Clitoral coat: 4-8 weeks
Fourchette: 4-8 weeks
Triangle: 8-10 weeks
Clitoris: 4-8 weeks

Male genital piercings
Prince Albert: 4-8 weeks
Reverse PA: 4-6 months
Frenum: 6-8 weeks
Scrotum: 8-10 weeks
Guiche: 8-10 weeks
Dydoe: 10-12 weeks
Ampallang: 4-8 months
Apadravya: 4-6 months

We hope this information is helpful to you, but keep in mind that we are not doctors or magicians. We promise you that you will leave our studio with nothing but a clean and beautiful piercing. The suggestions we have given you here, we can make thanks to our experience and our research in our field. What you do with it is up to you.

You need to listen to and be responsible for your body. We are here to help you, so if you have any questions or problems, at any time, feel free to stop by the studio or give us a call. Well met!