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For more info and aftercare advice, fold out the text below by pressing the +.

This can easily be called the most common piercing in the world and is therefore not even considered by many to be a piercing. The range of jewelery ranges from thin rings to large plugs and tunnels in various materials, or combined.

Here we have collected jewelry that fits well and looks extra nice in the earlobe piercing, keep in mind that it is important that you use the right size, just because a piece of jewelry is in this category does not mean that it fits your ear! Of course, most "regular" rings and rods work as well and you will find them in your own categories.

Once the hole in the earlobe is healed (after 6-8 weeks), you can, if you want, stretch it to slightly thicker sizes, regardless of whether you want rings or plugs. The most important thing then is not to stress through the stretch but to "hurry slowly" so that you do not risk cracking the hole.
You can usually change to thicker jewelry at about 1 month intervals, but there are also so-called stretch jewelry or stretching kits that you can use. Then you can take care of the stretching yourself and stretch a little every day, but it is still important not to stress. Jewelry for stretched ears can be found in a separate category HERE

Barbarella Body Piercing never performs any piercing with a so-called earhole gun. We use a sterile disposable needle that is developed specifically for piercing. Earhole guns cannot be sterilized, which drastically increases the risk of blood infection.

It makes it much worse to pierce yourself with an earhole gun, as the body is inflicted unnecessarily great damage when you make a hole with a blunt piece of jewelry that is pierced through the body. The jewelry that is inserted with ear guns is usually very tight, and does not allow the ear to swell.

All jewelry is sold individually unless otherwise stated.

The two most common ways to take care of a new piercing are:

Saline solution as recommended, you can mix it yourself and soak the piercing, you can also buy a ready-made solution in spray form: H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray which speeds up the healing with the help of natural sea salt and minerals. The spray should carefully remove each and every scab. It is packed sterile in a separate pressure vessel, thanks to this, cross-contamination is almost impossible. The spray is antibacterial and disinfectant. We also have a similar product: Recovery Aftercare Spray which is completely vegan.

Alternatively, you can wash with Barbarella Bodysoap. Take a few drops in your hand when you shower, lather up and soap the piercing. Let it work for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.