Plugs and tunnels in Buffelhorn are perfect to use from an ecological and dermatological point of view. The skin-friendliness of the premium-processed horn reduces the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. The structure of the material leads to a reduction of the smell during the piercing because it absorbs the lipids of the skin. Natural materials can change their appearance because normal environmental influences such as light and water affect the structure of wood. Differences in color and texture can not be avoided and make each piece of jewelry unique. Our supplier Wildcat protects the environment, during the production process they pay great attention to humans and nature. All conventions for the protection of natural resources are complied with by Wildcat. Horn jewelery is not sterilizable in an autoclave and should be treated with care, like all other natural materials.
All our horns and bone jewelry are handmade in tambuffel horns and bones from Indonesia. No animals have been bred and slaughtered only for horns and / or bones but are only a by-product.