Info about different types of threadings

Here we explain the difference between the different types of threads on our piercing jewellery.

On an externally threaded piece of jewelry, the stem is screwed into a threaded hole in the ball. The threads sit on the stem and there is a hole in the ball.

On an internally threaded piece of jewelry, a threaded pin that sits on the ball is screwed into the piece of jewelry. The stem itself has a hole in it with threads in it.


On Threadless piercing jewelry, no part of the jewelry has any threads, you push the small stick at the top down into the stem about 1/3, angle it a little so that there is a small bend on the stick and push it all the way down into the stem and it sits left.

Push Fit jewelry is an option where it's like a little knurled "pin" on the top that fits into the hole in the rod itself.

You simply gently press the pin into the hole and the top is fixed.

This jewelry only fits together with other Push Fit jewelry, they do not fit with Threadless, internally or externally threaded jewelry.