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Ball Closure Rings - BCR

A BCR ring or Ball Clouser Ring as they are actually called is equipped with a locking ball that is clamped in the jaws of the ring. This is the best-selling piercing jewellery in the world thanks to its design without sharp edges or hooks and works perfectly on the whole body: ears, nose, navel, nipple and virtually all genital piercings.

A BCR ring is super easy to vary, just replace the metal ball with another ball, we have lots of different variants in different colors, with glittery stones and pendants, you can find them HERE!

The easiest way to open and close the ring is to use a Ring opening plier.

Keep in mind that all rings are harder to open / close the thicker they are. A ring that has a thick material and a small diameter can be difficult to use if you are not used to it (or strong) as it becomes very hard and difficult to open.