Titan Highline®

Titan Highline® is completely nickel-free and is suitable for sensitive and very allergic people. It is half as heavy as steel, and is one of the five substances best accepted by the body. It is not really the titanium itself that is so good for the body but the layer of titanium oxide that forms on the surface. The oxide layer also acts as a barrier against other substances in the titanium leaking into the body. If the titanium oxide surface is worn away, a new layer is formed immediately. We have two different series of Titan; Titan Highline® which is the best quality you can get, it is a highly polished variant of very high quality, and we also sell Titan Basicline® which is a slightly cheaper alternative, it is also completely nickel free but it does not have the same high-gloss finish and can be experienced as darker in color.

Titan Highline®

• Titanium - Ti6AL 4V Eli Grad 23 - ASTM (F-136)

• Ti-Glo® World-unique surface treatment, highly polished surface

• High precision threading

• Manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008 u. EN ISO 13458: 2003 · AC: 2007

G23 titanium and F136 is the same material, one is named by the Chemical name, the other is the ASTM standard name. So when you see the other two names next time, you will know that these two are the same material but in different names.

Titanium is basically "metal colored", but nowadays there are several different variants: Titan Blackline®, Titan Zirconline®, Titan Roseline®. These "colored" variants are not colored in the classic sense, it is Titan that is covered with a thin plasma film (PVD- Coating). The thin film is very strong and does not fade. The technology has been used in the medical industry since the late 80's and is used, among other things, for pacemakers and orthopedic implants to provide an extra durable surface.