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We Love The Nineties!

The 90's fashion is back  and you can think what you want about that, but we who were there remember how the piercing trend completely exploded!
As you could see people with piercings on MTV, this subculture developed into the mainstream in just a few years, who doesn't remember when Alicia Silverstone pierced her navel in Aerosmith's hit Cryin's, or Keith Flint's tongue piercing?
I can boast that I was the first girl in Gothenburg to have a Labret piercing ... The year was 1994 and I did my piercing on Barbarella which was then oat Fjärde Långgatan. Since then, a lot has happened with the company and this year Barbarella is 30 years old!
Here we celebrate the 90s a little extra and hope that the piercing trends from that decade will also blossom, why not invest in an eyebrow piercing to get the right grunge look? Even ring in the lip, navel and tongue piercings were hugely popular so just pick and choose!