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Plastic Spirals & Hooks

Using plastic spirals are the absoult most common way to stretch ear piercing. The spirals are cheap, lightweight and easy to use. Almost too easy ... so take it easy when you stretch your ears!

How to proceed when you stretch the piercing is very personal, for some, it is very easy, while others can go on for a good while before they reach the size they want. The easiest way to extend his ear piercing is to use a töjsmycke extending over several sizes, such as a Spiral or töjstav.

Things to consider: Always stretch your piercing when you are warm, for example after the shower / bath. Always use some form of lotion, such as Vaseline or ointment Helosan. Stretch your piercing from "both sides" so that the hole does not become uneven and do not stretch to fast! A piercing that is stretched too quickly risks becoming ulcerated and infected, and the risk of scarring increases, of course, if you press too fast!

Plastic / Acrylic is a relatively new material in body piercing but it has proven to work beyond expectations! It is neat, weigh comparatively little and is very hypoallergenic.
It is important to clean the plastic jewelry regularly.