PMU Needles for Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing in the form of permanent make-up is becoming more and more popular. It promises the perfect make-up in every situation and a great time-saver! From lip contouring, eyeliner and eyebrow thickening to nipple reconstruction and scar retouching, permanent make-up puts a smile on the faces of many happy customers every day. We want to help everyone discover their beauty anew every day, and of course at the best quality! Our new tattoo needles will therefore be a new part of the Signature family and their design is based on it. Nevertheless, the outer packaging has been inspired by the natural conditions of the skin to be treated. Both the colour scheme and the linear curved designs are meant to represent the different skin layers in an artistic way. The punctual elements are set in a gold colour, as this colour reflects our professionalism and highest quality standards. The needles are made of hardened 316L steel, controlled by a laser-optical system, colour coded and sterile packed to sustain the highest quality standards.