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For more info and aftercare advice, fold out the text below by pressing the +.

There are countless different lip piercings you can choose from, you can basically place it where you want along the edge of the lip line, usually on the lower lip. When placing in the middle of the lip, we only put in a labret rod from the beginning to facilitate healing. Once the piercing has healed, you can replace it with a ring. On the side of the lip you can have a ring from the beginning, the diameter of a ring depends on the fullness of the lip. Like the tongue piercing, the skin tissue will swell during that healing, which requires a larger diameter. After healing (8 - 10 weeks) you can usually change down to a smaller ring or shorter rod.

Below you can read more info about different lip piercings and care advice.

Aftercar for oral piercings:

Oral piercings such as tongue, lips and fly heal quickly and easily, often between 6 - 10 weeks, provided you take care of them. Jewelry can be changed after healing or on the recommendation of your piercer, but should never be removed during healing even for short periods. These piercings can contract very quickly without jewelry in, sometimes in just a few minutes.

Rinse with 10-15 ml Barbarella Mouthwash for 30 seconds.
For the first 7 - 10 days, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth twice a day.
The following 4 weeks, extra good oral hygiene is recommended. Rinse with water after each meal and brush your teeth morning and evening.
Keep the oral cavity well cooled for the first 5 hours after the piercing has been done to keep the swelling down, but feel free to cool during the first days. Avoid oral contact, e.g. heavy kisses, chewing gum, biting nails and the like.
Do not play with your jewelry and avoid biting into it. Scar tissue can easily occur and teeth are expensive.

Wash the outside of your piercing morning and evening with H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or ProntoLind® Spray For Piercing After Care, (you will find them HERE) these tend to be most effective, especially where oily skin, makeup and smoking can affect. Do not remove scabs with your fingers! It will aggravate the situation.

Try to reduce smoking and avoid chewing gum or playing with your piercing during healing. Avoid wet kisses and oral sex until the piercing is healed. If you have to kiss your partner, make sure he / she cleans his / her mouth first and cleans your own mouth afterwards. Remember, it is an open wound and you may exchange more than just bacteria with each other. Any exchange of body fluids should be considered unsafe sex. Even if you live in a monogamous relationship, your partner has different natural bacteria than you, which can lead to infections. You do not let your partner lick your other wounds, do you?

Keep your fingers away from your mouth! Do not lick your fingers, do not bite your nails and do not touch the piercing during healing! Think of everything you touched in a single day and of everyone else who touched the same things. This also applies to biting on pencils and the like. A new toothbrush can be of great benefit. After the first week, you can gently brush your tongue and jewelry while brushing your teeth. This helps to remove bacteria and plaque, especially on the lower ball of a tongue stick. Mild or natural toothpastes can be more pleasant than stronger commercial varieties.

Labret - correctly pronounced la-bret (rhymes with bite), generally refers to a single piercing located under the middle of the lower lip, about halfway between the lower edge of the lower lip and the crease at the top of the chin. The height can vary from the crease to the edge of the lip, provided the jewelry fits snugly against the gums on the inside.
Labrets can also be performed in pairs, on both sides of the middle and are then called Lowbrets / Snakebites).

Vertical Labret
As the name suggests, this piercing, usually centered in the lip, is placed vertically. Curved rods are most suitable for this placement. As with many piercings, this placement depends on the anatomy of the lip and should only be done on fuller lips where the lower lip has a good edge protruding from the lip.

Labret sticks are available in steel, titanium (colored and plain) and gold and can be decorated with balls, cones, points or glittering stones.

Regarding all piercings, not all people can have all piercings, with the individual anatomy as a starting point and this also applies here. Lip piercings in connection with braces of some models are not recommended.
Lips, tongues and cheeks tend to contract very quickly, usually within half an hour. If you need to hide the piercing, try using a colorless plastic lab designed for this purpose.

Medusa - is called the placement in the middle of the upper lip and mainly follows the guidelines for labret piercings. They may have a slightly longer healing time than a labret and may become slightly more liquid in the first few days.

Regarding swelling; Sometimes the swelling on a Medusa can be fast and marked, but usually goes down very quickly. Sometimes you can get a thick spot around the piercing within a few moments. To reduce the swelling after the piercing, you can keep the oral cavity cool by sucking on ice, eating ice cream or drinking ice water. Feel free to sleep with an extra pillow the first few nights to reduce the swelling at night.
After a few days, the healing substance can protrude like an antenna, but try to put up with this for as long as possible and talk to your piercer if you feel it is causing problems for you. is over if the length would prevent healing.

Mouche - also called Monroe or beauty spot, mainly follows the guidelines for labret piercings. They may have a slightly longer healing time than a labret and may become slightly more liquid in the first few days. You want to be careful with the placement of this piercing, as the upper lip and cheek move and change dramatically in thickness when smiling and eating, so the jewelry must be long enough to allow the maximum thickness of the area. If you place a Mouche on each side of the upper lip, this is called Angel bites, the equivalent of the upper lip to the Snakebites of the lower lip.