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Rings for Smiley

Flat Back Rings are made especially for your pierced labial frenulum (Smiley). 

The flat back protects your teeth and gives the jewelry a slim look. The rings are available in different materials, sizes and designs, choose your favorite here!

This piercing is located in the frenulum string that is centered on the inside of the upper lip. It heals very quickly and is relatively painless.
It is best suited for people whose upper lip retracts when you smile, so that you show both teeth and piercing, which draws the eyes to the smile.

The smiley has a tendency to migrate and many perceive it as "just falling out" after about 1 year. This is partly because the tissue you pierce is very thin, and partly because everything in the world pulls down sooner or later, thanks to gravity. This process is usually painless.

This piercing is usually performed with a BallClosureRing of 1.2 or 1.6 mm, placed so that the ball rests just below the gum line between the front teeth. It can also be made with jewelry and sizes that are not as visible.

As with most other piercings, this piercing is anatomy dependent, which means that not everyone can have a smiley.

The risks of this piercing are gum erosion and can lead to caries due to wear and tear on enamel and gums.