Surface Bars

Surface piercings are quite extreme piercings. They require a lot of patience and care to heal. Most can take up to a year or longer to heal. With this in mind, we recommend that you have experience with piercings that are easier to heal, before you get a surface piercing.
Over the years, countless methods have been tried to make surface piercings heal. The main obstacle is that when flat skin is pierced, the body's natural reaction is to gradually expel the jewelry. The body produces new skin cells from the inside out. When the new layers are added under the jewelry, the old ones are pushed out towards the surface where they are eventually shed. The jewelry is usually printed together with the skin layers through which it passes.

If you put a normal piercing jewelry (eg ball closure, straight or curved rod) in a surface piercing, the jewelry can put pressure on the tissue between the jewelry and the surface of the skin and thus create an increase. This pressure can cause problems during healing as it restricts blood circulation to the tissue which can accelerate the ejection of the jewelry. The less healthy tissue, the greater the risk of emigration.

To avoid this result, we use special rods, so-called surface barbells, which are shaped like a staple. With a surface barbell, the pressure on the piercing is reduced and allows the blood to circulate to the tissue between the jewelry and the surface, which means an easier healing and increases the chances that you can keep your piercing.

The most common placements are Nacke, Sternum (sternum) and Anti-Eyebrow.