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Bronze/Brass Spirals & Hooks

First of all, these jewelry aren't giving the same allure as if they are gold, silver or rose gold plated. What we look for in brass or bronze jewelery it's that special brown vintage look of tribal jewelry. Brass is used for its bright gold-like appearance and is popular in piercings for its tribal look. Brass Piercings are used by nature tribes all around the world. We use a brass alloy from copper, zinc and silver which is free of any toxic elements such as nickel, lead and cadmium.

Yes, it does leave a green stain where jewelry was worn, but that stain is usually a result of a metal in the jewelry reacting with your skin — or something on your skin, such as lotion.

When the acids on your sweaty skin (or in your lotion) cause the copper in the jewelry to corrode, the process creates copper salts. These blue-green compounds can leave a mark on your skin in that iconic shade we call "Statue of Liberty Teal."

Other metals can produce similar effects: The silver present in sterling silver, and used as an alloy in a fair amount of gold jewelry, can oxidize when it comes in contact with skin. This causes tarnishing and can leave you with a dark-green or black stain. Although these marks are often associated with cheaper jewelry, they can happen with the pricey stuff, too.mStainless steel and white gold are usually immune.

The good news is that even the toughest tarnished brass piece, we can simply clean it by leaving it for up to 30 minutes (if very tarnished) in just Ketchup and water. It will all come as new.

Taking your jewelry off before washing with soap will also reduce the chances of going green.