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Organic Tunnels & Plugs - Wood & Stone

Because the jewelry is handmade, they may differ slightly in color and shape. 

Tunnels and plugs in wood are  Ecologically and dermatological (which is especially interesting for us), it is perfectly suitable as material. The skin-friendliness of the premium processed wood reduces the risks of allergic reactions to a minimum. The wood structure leads to an actual reduction of smell at the stretched lobe because it absorbs the skin lipids. Natural materials can change their look as normal environmental influences like light and water affect them. Differences in colour and texture are not avoidable and make every piece of jewellery unique. Wildcat (our deliverer/manufactur) cares for the environment. During the production process, they pay close attention to man and nature. All conventions for the protection of natural resources are met by Wildcat. The wood jewellery is not sterilisable in an autoclave and should be treated carefully, like any other natural material.

All jewellery is sold per piece (unless its stated otherwise in the product info). If you want a pair you have to order 2 pieces!