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Septum Piercing

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Septum piercing is today one of the most popular face piercings and definitely the one that attracts the most attention! Many people call it a "bull ring" and think that it goes through the entire nose, but it is actually not the case at all, the septum piercing does not touch the cartilage in the nose and is usually very easy to heal.

The healing time for a septum is about 6 - 8 weeks.

The procedure itself varies, some piercers have you lying down, with the piercer leaning over your head and others having you seated or half-seated. You can use a special pair of pliers or pierce freehand, there are different methods and it is your piercer who decides which one is best for you. The method itself does not matter so much, but the result. The piercing should appear straight and even against the face.

Septum piercings are easy to clean, but it is important that you do.
First of all, a dirty septum piercing will smell when the dead skin cells in the piercing gather and you are in the perfect position to feel everything.
Second, even if they are rare, an infection can become serious. By cutting down on smoking, you give your piercing a much greater opportunity to heal. Think about how much tar and smoke residue enters your piercing with each inhalation and exhalation.

Jewelry for septum piercings comes in all shapes. If you long for cool horns and lace in horn, steel or glass, be patient. They are not optimal during healing. Initially, you will go further with a piece of jewelry that is comfortable. Go crazy later. What we can put in from the beginning is a ring, horseshoe, curved barbell or retainer.

If you must, or want to, hide it for the first 8 weeks (before changing jewelry), some piercingstudios can give you a septum retainer as the first jewellery. They look like a U and the idea with it is that it should be folded up in the nose. In this way, no one sees them. They are also a good choice if you have to hide your piercing at a later time, once it has healed.

So it's the septum. Not too difficult to obtain or cure, provided your piercer knows what he is doing. Let go of the cigarettes, keep your fingers away and take good care of it so you should get a happy, painless piercing in no time.

The two most common ways to take care of a new septum piercing are:

Saline solution as recommended, you can mix it yourself and soak the piercing, you can also buy a ready-made solution in spray form: H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray which speeds up the healing with the help of natural sea salt and minerals. The spray should carefully remove each and every scab. It is packed sterile in a separate pressure vessel, thanks to this, cross-contamination is almost impossible. The spray is antibacterial and disinfectant. We also have a similar product: Recovery Aftercare Spray which is completely vegan.

Alternatively, you can wash with Barbarella Bodysoap. Take a few drops in your hand when you shower, lather up and soap the piercing. Let it work for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.