Cheyenne Safety Cartridges


Changing tattoo needles has never been easier, faster and safer. Cheyenne cartridges are ready-to-use tattoo needle modules that require no additional setup and sterilization. Several controls in accordance with medical standards guarantee the flawless quality of our tattoo needles. The special feature of Cheyenne tattoo needles is the patented Safety Membrane. It is integrated into the housing and prevents the penetration of liquids, such as ink or blood, into the handle and therefore into the tattoo machine. The tattoo needles run in a plastic housing, which virtually excludes accidental damage or injury.
Cheyenne cartridges are simple and effective to use. The tattoo needle cartridges can be replaced in seconds, even during work. Whether lining, shading, color packing, dot work, pepper shading or filling - our tattoo needles are reliable companions for every tattoo style. Everyone will find the right cartridges among the many different needle configurations.