How to measure piercing jewelry

All jewelery is measured internally, ie the smallest dimension, no balls, threads or goods must be included.

* Barbells are measured between the balls, only the stem itself. The threads should not be included.
* Labrets are measured between the plate and the ball, only the stem itself, the threads should not be included.
* Rings and horseshoes are measured inside diameter by measuring straight across, in the middle of the ring, no part of the ring itself must be included.
* Bananabells and Navelbarbells are measured straight across (bird's eye view) between the balls (on the inside of the curve), not along the stem, the threads should not be included.
* Plugs and tunnels are measured directly over the middle part of the jewelry, it is ALWAYS the smallest
the dimension of the plug / tunnel specified in the product description, certain jewelry that has edges for
to sit better is thus a little bigger right on the edges.

What size should I have?

It´s impossible for us to answer what size you need for your particular piercing. We often get the question and the customer says that we should take the most common size  for that particular piercing, but it's like asking us to guess what shoe size you have, we can say that size 38 is the most common shoe size for women but that doesn't mean that it suits everyone, or you...
There are different ways to measure which jewelry size you need, google usually has good and explanatory images, write "How to measure...& piericng's name" and picture google and there is usually help to get.