How to measure piercing jewelry

All jewelery is measured internally, ie the smallest dimension, no balls, threads or goods must be included.

* Barbells are measured between the balls, only the stem itself. The threads should not be included.
* Labrets are measured between the plate and the ball, only the stem itself, the threads should not be included.
* Rings and horseshoes are measured inside diameter by measuring straight across, in the middle of the ring, no part of the ring itself must be included.
* Bananabells and Navelbarbells are measured straight across (bird's eye view) between the balls (on the inside of the curve), not along the stem, the threads should not be included.
* Plugs and tunnels are measured directly over the middle part of the jewelry, it is ALWAYS the smallest
the dimension of the plug / tunnel specified in the product description, certain jewelry that has edges for
to sit better is thus a little bigger right on the edges.