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Nostril Piercing

For more info and aftercare advice, fold out the text below by pressing the +.

A discreet little stone in the nostril is among the most common piercings you see nowadays, but why limit yourself to a discreet stone? There are many nice rings you can have and also slightly larger nose screws with different shapes.

The nasal wing takes about 4-12 months to heal, it is also one of the piercings that contracts the fastest, even after healing, so if you have planned to go without any jewelry during the work in a month or so, you may have to rethink or in any case get a retainer. We do not recommend that you change your piercing within the first four months, even if it appears healed.

The placement of a piercing in the nostril may vary from client to client, but it tends to heal fastest and look most natural in the horizontal fold. To find this, you can take a mirror and flutter your nostrils. Where they bend is the fold. You can place the piercing along the entire fold, provided that it is far enough away from the face so that the jewelry can sit comfortably on the inside. You can also pierce under the crease, but to do it closer to the edge of the nostril just to be able to have a minimal ring is usually not a good idea. After you have healed, you can usually change down to a smaller size that appears to be tight around the nasal wing.

There are several different jewelry options you can use in the nose wing, the most common being; rings, labs and nose screws. The most common thicknesses are 1.2mm and 1.6mm, but thicker sizes are possible. Thinner jewelry than 1.2mm increases the risk of scar tissue if you want a ring, as it can "cut" the skin.

Whatever piece of jewelery you choose, the healing of the nose wing can be both long and tricky, but if you take care of your piercing carefully, there is no reason why it should be difficult.

Should you get an infection in the piercing, it usually looks like a large yellowish pimple, which can be difficult to hide so take care of it! If you have oily skin, an antibacterial liquid can be a good alternative to be able to penetrate the oil and effectively clean the piercing. It can also be good for you who smoke, as it removes tar and smoke residues.
Seriously consider cutting back on smoking during healing. Chemicals that can enter the nose are not good for your piercing and its healing.

Nasal wing piercings are both elegant and flattering & compared to many other facial piercings, many retain this for life.

The two most common ways to take care of a new nose piercing are:

Saline solution as recommended, you can mix it yourself and soak the piercing, you can also buy a ready-made solution in spray form: H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray which speeds up the healing with the help of natural sea salt and minerals. The spray should carefully remove each and every scab. It is packed sterile in a separate pressure vessel, thanks to this, cross-contamination is almost impossible. The spray is antibacterial and disinfectant. We also have a similar product: Recovery Aftercare Spray which is completely vegan.

Alternatively, you can wash with Barbarella Bodysoap. Take a few drops in your hand when you shower, lather up and soap the piercing. Let it work for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards.