We do not sell piercing jewelry in silver, but some of our jewellery have parts made of silver, usually pendants in rings or various tops on barbells.

The silver part can in rare cases oxidize (discolour). Reason why silver oxidizes on some people is individual, That silver discolors is due to sulfur not oxygen. Sulfur can be found in a variety of things. In the air, even small amounts of sulfur can affect the silver. Sulfur can also be found on the skin, in dishes, on painted surfaces, in fabrics, plastics, cigarette smoke, etc. High humidity and temperature accelerate the process. This is what happens when we wear jewelry on bare skin and get a little warm. Whether silver turns black or not when you wear it is individual. It is also important to know that certain medications and metabolism can prevent you from wearing silver.

You can clean oxidized silver with polish you buy in the store, or run the housewife tip below:

Do this:

1. Fill a bowl with ketchup, just enough so that you can put in your jewelry so it is covered.

2. Leave for ten minutes.

3. Lift the jewelry in the bowl with water.

4. Take the nail brush and scrub the jewelry.