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Nostril Jewelley in Titanium

Titanium is divided in different grades depending on which metals it is alloyed with. The only suitable for implants and piercings in the human body is grade 23 (TI6AL4VELI). This is a grade recognised by standard societies world wide for medical devices. Heart valves, pacemakers and replacement human body parts are being made of Grade 23 Titanium. Titanium is suitable for sensitive and very allergic people. It is very light in weight and can be coloured. It is known as one of five substance that is accepted best by the human body.

We have two different series of Titan; Titan Highline® which is the best quality you can get, it is a highly polished variant of very high quality, and we also sell Titan Basicline® which is a slightly cheaper alternative, it is also completely nickel free but it does not have the same high-gloss finish and can be experienced as darker in color.

Titanium is basically "metal colored", but nowadays there are several different variants: Titan Blackline®, Titan Zirconline®, Titan Roseline®. These "colored" variants are not colored in the classic sense, it is Titan that is covered with a thin plasma film (PVD- Coating). The thin film is very strong and does not fade. The technology has been used in the medical industry since the late 80's and is used, among other things, for pacemakers and orthopedic implants to provide an extra durable surface.