Common questions and answers to them

Do you do piercings/ how do I care for my piercing/ how much does a piercing cost?

Our piercingstudio is located at Tredje Långgatan 31 in Gothenburg, you can call there and as any questions you have ragarding prices, healingtime etc; 031-711 01 10.

Do you tattoo/ how much does a tattoo cost?

Barbarella has never done tattooing.We do sell equipment for the tattoo community, you must have an approved business registration and government issued Department of Health letter licensing the premises for use to tattoo in.

Do you sell piercing / tattoo equipment, how can I to buy equipment from you?

We sell both jewelry and equipment to companies in the industry, if you have a company in the piercing/tattoo industry, there is no problem, click here and fill out the application and we will get back to you with the login no later than the next weekday.

What do I do if I don't want the things I've ordered, can they be returned?

If you do not want your ordered goods, simply return them to us within 14 days of delivery, bare in mind that the item must be in an unopened wrapping. To exchange clothing or jewellery that does not go in a piercing, ie ring, necklace etc, the item must be unused. Place items in parcel envelope, in the case of faulty/ wrong items, please enclose a description of the fault/ problem and how you would like the situation solved ( money back/switch sizes or other) and mail it to us. Don't forget to include contact information so we can reach you if nescessary. Should you wish to simply return the item and get a refund, tell us your account and clearing number as well as your bank and we will deposit your refund to your account. We cannot make refunds without the complete information set, so please don't forget this. If payment was made by card, a reverse transaction to that account is the easiest way. Should you wish to exchange your item to another size or model, please let us know and we'll try to solve this as quickly as possible.

Do you have free Returns?

No, Barbarella does not have free returns. If you want to return an item for any reason because you regretted your purchase, you are responsible for the shipping yourself. If the item is broken when you receive it, contact us asap at: info@barbarella.se

What is the difference between internal/external threading?

On an externally threaded piece of jewelry, the rod is screwed into a threaded hole in the ball. The threads sit on the rod and there is a hole in the ball.

On an internally threaded piece of jewelry, a threaded pin that sits on the ball is screwed into the piece of jewelry. The rod itself has a hole in it with threads in it.

What is Threadless piercing jewellery?

Threadless jewelry is an alternative if you are tired of screwing on and off tops. The idea behind Threadless is that the thread on the rod itself should not go through the piercing when you insert the jewelry.

No part of the jewelry has any threads, you push the small stick at the top down about 1/3 into the rod, angle it a little so that there is a small bend on the stick and push it all the way down into the rod and it stays in place.

What is Push Fit Piercing jewellery?

Push Fit jewelery is an alternative if you are tired of screwing on and off tops. The idea behind Pushfit is that the thread on the rod itself should not go through the piercing when you insert the jewelry.

It's like a little knurled "peg" on the top that fits into the hole in the rod itself.
You simply gently press the pin into the hole and the top is fixed.

This jewelry only fits together with other Push Fit jewelry, they do not fit with Threadless, internally or externally threaded jewelry.

Why are some models/sizes sometimes missing when viewing the jewellery selection?

This is quite simply because they are out of stock. When an item is sold out, we temporarely remove it so you don't have to wait unnescesarily long for items that you have ordered. However, since time doesn't always allow for this procedure, waiting time can still occur. Should anything from your order be missing from our inventory, we will of course contact you and let you know.

How do I stretch my earlobe/ piercing?

How to go about any stretching is very personal, for some it is an easy process take little time to achieve the desired size, for others the process takes longer time. The simplest way is to use a stretching jewellery that spans over several sizes like a spiral or a tapered insertion pin. For some people it is possible to "jump" sizes by simply inserting a larger gauge ring, this is however not recommended as it can assert more pressure to the skin than it can handle, thereby possibly damaging it.It is recommended that you only stretch your piercing when warm, for instance after a shower/ bath. Use som form of neutral lubricant, like vaseline or Helosan lotion. Stretch from both sides so your piercing remains straight and do not rush it. A piercing that is "stress-stretched" can easily become infected and also become more susceptible fo scartissue formation.

Why do I need to fill in my complete social security number when ordering from you? Because Sweden has a Law of Purchase that states that you have to be 18 to shop online, we have to be able to identify your age. Since this is hard to check, especially since very many customers are young, this is the best way to identify your age, when entering your numbers, the computers runs an automatic scan to verify your age. All information is treated with confidence and is under no circumstances made available to any other person or company.

What does "autoclavable" mean? When it says that a piece of jewellery is non-autoclavable, this means that it cannot be sterilized. This information is relevant to piercingstudios and bodypiercers and does not affect you as a customer. All jewellery purchased from Barbarella is made of high grade quality and cleanliness is a big factor for us, therefore all jewellery purchased from us can be used directly in a healed piercing.