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Nose Chains

Our Piercing Connection Chains take your piercing style to a next level! Be creative and connect the chains with your nostril piercings, your ear piercings or use the chains on the front and back of individual piercings! You can use the chains with all stems and rings up to 1.2 mm diameter. To do this, open your ring or unscrew the balls/attachments of the piercings that you want to connect, insert the connecting rings of the chain and screw your balls/attachments back on.

Thickness of the chain: 1.2 mm

How do I choose my chain length?

Measure the distance from piercing to piercing. You can either do this with a tape measure or a string and mark the beginning of one piercing and the second piercing. Measure the distance between the marks with a ruler while you have the string laid flat.