BYCG - Best You Can Get!

High-precision internal threading: We use high-quality machines from the medical industry to create a particularly precise thread for the perfect connection of stem and attachment.

Surface refinement: The patented TiGlo process developed by Wildcat refines titanium, to a higher level of shine, which otherwise appears rather dull.

No sharp edges: The edges of our threads are soft yet precise, preventing injuries when inserting and removing the jewellery.

The perfect length: Doesn‘t exist? But there is ‚perfect‘ for threads! The ideal length prevents the rod and attachment from separating too easily, as well as unnecessary long rotation.

Lock Tight System: Never lose a ball again! Thanks to the slightly tapered thread, the last turn provides a solid fit for the ultimate hold.

Trouble-free screwing: Easy and fast, with that perfectly engineered feeling, both for piercer and customer

Polished surface: The extremely smooth surface texture protects the wound canal, preventing bacteria from settling on the material and thus promotes a quick and natural healing process.

DIN Certified: All BYCG products are produced in our DIN ISO 13485 certified production facility in Germany - from start to finish.

Product Control and Quality Consistency: Detailed and certified processes within the production process guarantees the high standards expected by our customers and ourselves.

Breathtaking first insert: The finest crystals from the World‘s leading suppliers complete each exquisite piece of jewellery.