Cheyenne® Disposable Grip Sterile - Round (6-pack)
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Cheyenne® Disposable Grip Sterile - Round (6-pack)Cheyenne® Disposable Grip Sterile - Round (6-pack)

Cheyenne® Disposable Grip Sterile - Round (6-pack)

Cheyenne Disposable Grips are the sterile disposable solution for the HAWK Pen, SOL Nova and SOL Nova Unlimited. Available in three different shapes and sizes, the disposable tattoo grips guarantee ergonomic, comfortable and above all hygienic working for almost every hand type.
Thanks to the soft touch material, the disposable tattoo grips fit perfectly in the hand. The cartridges can be changed quickly and easily as usual. By turning the grip, the needle position can be adjusted steplessly and easily. The tattoo grips are sterilized and individually packed so that covering the grip is not necessary - you simply screw the disposable grips over the sleeve.
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